Frequently asked questions

Why should we choose you?
ISOMETRICA is the first 3D printing service in India that specializes in creating architectural models. We come from architectural backgrounds ourselves, so we understand exactly how to model your work so that it can help you communicate better.

We believe that there is a certain amount of creaftmanship that goes behind creating a good model. Even in the digital realm.

We are pretty sure that we are more affordable and reasonable than the other 3D printing services out there.
What type of 3D printing technology do you use?
We primarily use FDM printing. We find that this gives the best cost to quality ratio for architectural models and design prototyping.

We can also get SLA printing done through our partners. Although SLA comes at a much higher cost and is not particularly required for architectural models.
How fast can you print my model?
Print time depends entirely on the size and level of detail of the model. 

An average residence building printed at 1:100 scale can take 3-4 days to print. Shipping  may take another 3-4 days.
What is the largest size that you can print in?
If you want a print that is a single solid piece, currently our printer can print a max volume of 21x21x25cm (LxBxH).

But, almost any model can be split and printed in smaller parts which fit together(Like Lego blocks).
What materials can you print in?
We can print in the following plastics -  PLA , ABS , TPU & Resin.

We can also print in any color you require, depending on the availibility.
Why choose 3D printing over laser cutting or hand made models?
3D printing allows you to have a much higher level of detail in a relatively small scale. You can also have a monolithic model which is made out of one single block, which isn't possible in other common model making methods. Printing curved and organic forms is also easier.
Would you take workshops/ seminars on 3D printing?
Absolutely. We love educating people. We believe that 3D printing is a skill that anyone who knows 3D modelling should have.

Send us a mail at to book a workshop.
Can we come visit you?
Unfortunately, we currently do not have a space where we can accomodate visitors/clients.
If you would like to see our work in person or meetus, write to us at
What file format should I upload my model in?
We accept all commonly used 3D file formats (OBJ, Sketchup, Rhino, 3DS, DWG, DXF, etc). We'll convert your model into a file that is 3D print ready.

That being said, if you're familiar with creating models for 3D printing, we prefer receiving STL files.
Can we trust you with our files/info ?
Yes, absolutely. At ISOMETRICA we value your intellectual property and understand the need for good online security. None of your files or models will be shared with any 3rd parties without your prior permission. We will also not post or share pictures of your completed models on our website / social media without your consent.

We are also open to signing an NDA with you if required. Just mail us at for more info.
How can I make my 3D model print-ready?
There are quite a bit of things you should know in order to create a model that is print-ready. Different printing technologies have their own limitations to consider while designing your model. We primarily use FDM printing.

Visit this link for a more detailed understanding on how to design a model for FDM printing.
If this is too overwhelming, let us just handle this process for you.
Will you help us model exactly what we have in mind?
Yes, we will.

Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and tell us exactly what you need.
Where can i find some 'ready to print' models?
These sites have some great print-ready models to use for free.



How do you price your prints?
The price of a printed model depends on various factors such as -

1. The type of material required (PLA, TPU, Resin, etc).
2. The mass of the printed model.
3. The level or detail required (proportional to the printing time).
4. If any other parts are required (Magnets, Threaded inserts, Paints, etc)

Additionally, if there is any major work to be done on the 3D model prior to printing, we charge a fee.
For these reasons, we provide you with a quotation after carefully studying your model and your requirements.
Can you give us a rough estimate of your print pricing?
A rough average for PLA material would be Rs.19/gram of printed material. Although this average can increase or decrease by Rs.6/gram depending on print quality (time taken).
How much do you charge for shipping?
We charge standard speed post rates within India. Plus a nominal packaging fee if your model contains fragile parts.
What locations do you ship to?
We will ship to all locations within India.
What if my model gets damaged during shipping?
We do our absolute best to make sure that all models are safely packed with padding and weather protection. We will also send you a picture of your model prior to shipment.

In the extremely rare case that your model has been damaged in the process of shipping, we shall send you a newly printed model.
How soon will my model reach me?
Print time depends entirely on the size and level of detail of the model. 

An average residence building printed at 1:100 scale can take 3-4 days to print.Shipping  may take another 3-4 days. Once your item has been shipped, We'll share the tracking number with you.