Designed by- Josh Sheldon
3D Model by- Josh Sheldon
                           (Edited by Isometrica)
Our Scope-  Design Refinement+3D Print
Material- PLA
Dimensions- 4.7 x 4.7 x 6.3 cm

This was a small detailed part of a film reel scanner that we made for Aldona Video Club (AVC). The tiny sprockets located around the roller reflect the kind of dimensional accuracies that we were able to achieve. Originally designed by Josh Sheldon, we further edited the geometry of the sprockets to work better with the 16mm film reels that were being used by the AVC.

View 3d ModelSprocketed Roller - Cover Photograph
Sprocketed Roller - Photograph 1
Sprocketed Roller - Photograph 2
Sprocketed Roller - Photograph 3
Sprocketed Roller - Photograph 4