Architect/Designer- Playgroup Studio
3D Model by- Playgroup Studio
                          (Edited by Isometrica)
Our Scope-  3D Print
Material- PLA
Dimensions- 9.4 x 9 x 9.2 cm

This residence with its unique sloping roof and staggered slit windows was designed by Playgroup Studio. The model that was printed implements a removable roof which exposes the spaces inside. This model was printed at much slower print speeds in order to percieve the detail of the slight offests between the columns and the walls as well as to get the clean edges of the freestanding columns. Visit Link

View 3d ModelVettah House - Cover Photograph
Vettah House - Photograph 1
Vettah House - Photograph 2
Vettah House - Photograph 3
Vettah House - Photograph 4
Vettah House - Photograph 5